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Vice President defends government ban on trucks from Southern Somalia


GALKAIYO, Puntland In an interview with GO on Friday, Puntland Vice President Abdihakin Abdulahi Omar has described government decision to ban trucks arriving from Southern Somalia into Puntland was the best interests of the region , Garowe Online reports.

Following the twin bombing that struck Galkaiyo city in end of August, the Vice President issued a ban on all trucks coming from Central and Southern Somalia from crossing into Galkiayo city, which considerably affected the commercial trades between the regions, local businessman told GO.

“Government has implemented the ban and the process is well executed, there are some minor obstacles but it can be resolved,” Vice President said.

He said that businessmen and traders in Puntland region are adjusting to the development as they realized the importance of enforcing security in our region, responding to a question about the economical effect of the ban on Puntland’s traders.

Vice President said there are some challenges to the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables from Southern Somalia to the region but at the same time it offered a great opportunity to the local farmers to compete in the market.

“The ban enabled us to secure our borders and prevent the access of anything that can affect our national security, we know there are lots of trucks coming from Central Somalia loaded with livestock destined to Barbara port as they pass by Puntland region, businessmen have requested to lift the ban and allow trucks to cross our borders,” said Omar.

Still there are some trucks from Puntland and Southern Somalia violate the order and we will deal with it accordingly, added Omar.

The ban by Puntland government has received mixed reaction from the citizens, as some expressed reservation towards it saying Puntland government could have heightened security in different measures without the need to affect trades between the regions.


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