Abdi Hashi backed as Somalia's election almost hit dead end


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somaliland's SEIT has backed a proposal by outgoing Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi, arguing that the time has come to nullify the outcome of 16 parliamentary seats until a credible and verifiable electing is held in the country.

On Tuesday, Abdi Hashi, who was recently re-elected to the Senate, questioned the manner in which Lower House elections are being conducted in the country, adding that the exercise was marred with fraud.

Hashi, a critic of outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, insisted that for the exercise to get the credibility it deserves, at least 16 Lower House elections outcomes ought to be nullified by the electoral committee which has been accused of colluding with Farmaajo.

His sentiments have been backed by Somaliland's SEIT, which insisted that the exercise should be stopped until consensus is reached. The Committee said cases of fraud ought to be solved as soon as possible for the country to enjoy cohesion.

The sentiments come after the Union of Presidential Candidates vowed to boycott elections, arguing that the government has compromised the exercise contrary to initial arrangements and expectations.

Early this week, Somali Prime Minister Hussein Roble has welcomed a decision taken by the Federal Electoral Implementation Team [FEIT] to suspend confirmation of election to two seats of House of the People [Lower House of the Parliament] that were the subject of a dispute.

“I appreciate your decision in respect of the trustworthiness of the FEIT’s actions,” PM Roble said. FEIT said the election of the two had not followed the right procedure.

The PM also urged the Federal Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee to discharge its functions in a legitimate manner, consistent with the agreements and procedures on the electoral disputes.

Roble reacted to the FEIT decision to review the outcome of two seats of the Lower House elected in Baidoa town, the interim capital of South West State. The seats were labeled HOP 154 and HOP 103.

On Sunday, FEIT issued a statement addressed to the State Electoral Implementation Teams [SEIT] and copied to PM Roble saying the election for the two positions did not follow the laid down procedure.

“The seat HOP 154 elected in Baidoa town on 29 November is inconsistent with a procedure established on 1st October 2020. Therefore, its result is nil and void,” FEIT said.

FEIT suspended the outcome of an election of seat HOP 103 that also took place in Baidoa town. Ahead of the voting, the Federal Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee considered a complaint and ordered the postponement of the election, which the SEIT of the South West State ignored.


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