Abdirashid Janan, a human Rights violator eyes parliamentary seat for impunity

Abdirashid Janan announced his candidacy for parliamentary seat on Sunday, August 15 in Mogadishu [Photo: GO]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Abdirashid Janaan, a notorious human rights violator has announced intentions to run for a parliamentary seat in Somalia amid reports of his alleged fallout with outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

At an event in Mogadishu on Saturday, Janaan announced his candidacy for a Lower House seat in the upcoming parliamentary polls and would contest in Gedo. He had been in control of sections of the region when he was Jubaland security minister.

His candidacy came as Somalia has kicked off the much-anticipated election after months of delays, which was triggered by a political rift. Already, Puntland and Southwest have concluded the senatorial vote.

Janan is wanted for alleged human rights violations in Gedo by Amnesty International which called for his arrest after he escaped in January 2020 from Mogadishu jail and had been on the run for over a year. He surrendered to the Somali government this year.

He arrived in Mogadishu early this month shortly after surrendered to Somali authorities after talks with NISA boss Fahad Yasin, who convinced him to defect from Jubaland after fierce clashes in the Gedo region. 

Credible sources told The Garowe Online Janan has clashed with the Farmaajo-led government and is now being sheltered by one of the prominent Mogadishu-based opposition leaders. The name of the leader was not immediately verified.

Janan's relationship with Farmaajo has soured after agreements reached with Villa Somalia failed to materialize. The outgoing government is yet to comment on the issue.

His militia launched an attack on Beled Hawo near the Kenya-Somali border on Jan. 25 that killed at least 11 civilians and displaced many people, according to the U.N.

In Somalia, where is there is a formidable justice system, everyone who is accused of committing crimes runs for a parliament seat to gain impunity, said the political analysts.

Following his arrest in 2019, Mogadishu court began hearing Janan’s case, including grave human rights violations, civilian killings, and obstructing humanitarian assistance,

Since last year, Amnesty International has been pushing for his arrest for the crimes he committed with impunity for years as a powerful regional minister in the country.

Somali government authorities were urged to immediately bring him before a court to face trial to face charges of killings, torture, unlawful detention, and illegal renditions between 2014 and 2015.


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