Al-Shabaab strikes key town in central Somalia


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Heavy fighting was reportedly in Somalia on Wednesday, multiple sources confirmed, following an Al-Shabaab raid in Harardhere town, a strategic region in the fight against the militants who are fighting to control the country.

According to sources, heavy fighting erupted in the town after the militants targeted military officers, resulting in casualties on the Al-Shabaab side. Local government officers faced the militants in the early morning battle.

The fighting reportedly started after soldiers on patrol clashed with al-Shabaab fighters in Bacaadka area near Harardheere. The town was recaptured from al-Shabaab early last year, records in our possession indicate.

Since the start of Ramadan, the militants have heightened attacks across the country, leading to deaths of several officers and innocent civilians. The government has activated security forces to help restore peace and stability across Somalia.

On Tuesday, Al-shabaab launched a vicious attack on government soldiers in Daaru-Nicma village in Middle Shabelle region. Tuesday's attack was at least the third time al-Shabaab fighters attacked the village since last year.

A source in the region told VOA that phone calls are not going through but they they know government troops are under attack. The militants have been on the receiving end for the last two years following activation of serious onslaught against the group.

The Al-Shabaab militants are fighting to topple the fragile UN-backed federal government of Somalia, but resistance from organised security teams have made penetration almost impossible. The government projects that by December, Al-shabaab will be completely defeated.


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