Al-Shabaab suffer losses in Somalia battle


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Al-Qaeda's network in Africa; the Al-Shabaab, suffered immense losses on Monday following an operation conducted by the Somali National Army (SNA) with the help of members of the international partners, who are closely working on Somalia’s state-building project.

A report by the state media revealed that at least 50 Al-Shabaab militants were killed in central regions within Harardhere in the Mudug region. If confirmed, this would be the heaviest loss to the militants this year in the Horn of Africa nation.

The airstrike targeted Barag Garguurte village which is located at least 20 kilometers from Harardhere, a town that is frequently under Al-Shabaab raids. Harardhere was recently captured by the militants after the abrupt exit of SNA soldiers.

Among those killed in the airstrike was Ahmed Jiis, a senior member of the group who has been coordinating attacks against government officials, security teams, and innocent civilians. His elimination was termed as a 'huge success'.

"Over 50 members of al-Shabaab terrorists, including the notorious leader Ahmed Jiis, were eliminated in a precise airstrike conducted by the National Armed Forces, with backing from international security partners," read the statement.

"The successful operation was aimed at a militant convergence located in Baraagta-Gurguurte, in proximity to the Harardhere district of the Mudug region," state media further reports.

The attack in Barag Garguurte coincided with most of the areas in the southern part of the Mudug region being under the control of the al-Shabab group. The government has heightened operations against Al-Shabaab militants throughout Ramadan.

Interestingly, the US embassy in Nairobi announced alerts on possible Al-Shabaab attacks within Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Since then, security teams have been activated across the country to deal with impending threats.


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