Al-Shabaab targets AU troops' base in Somalia


JOWHAR, Somalia - The Al-Shabaab militants on Monday targeted a strategic Forward Operating Base in Middle Shabelle, the latest attack against the loyal forces serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia which is responsible for the security tasks in the war-torn nation.

Sources said the militants raided Raaxoi Forward Operating Base which is located near Bal'ad town, at least 30 kilometers North of Mogadishu, the troubled Somali capital. The fighting lasted for several hours but no casualties have been reported so far.

The exchange of fire lasted for some time before the African Union Mission Forces and Somali National Army [SNA] stamped authority, further changing the discourse. The militants retreated after the team managed to repulse their sinister motive which would have rather been catastrophic.

It was not the first time the Al-Shabaab were targeting security forces in the country especially those serving in AMISOM. A few weeks ago, the militants raided Ethiopian National Defense Forces [ENDF] base in the Gedo region, leaving at least two soldiers dead.

Later, the team attacked a base belonging to Djiboutian troops in Middle Shebelle, but the forces managed to repulse them. There have been similar attempts targeting the Kenya Defense Forces which serve in Jubaland, a troubled region in the country.

Currently, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti, and Burundi are some of the force contributing nations in Somalia. However, the troops might leave by the end of this year once the AMISOM team fully implements the Somali Transition Plan which outlines how the SNA troops will take charge.

The Al-Shabaab militants still control large swathes of rural central and southern Somalia, which is, however, being retaken by loyal forces. The Al-Shabaab group is fighting to topple the fragile UN-backed Somalia administration.


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