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Al-Shabab announces it publicly executed soldiers in Somalia

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia’s Al-Shabab Islamic extremist group says it has publicly executed three men accused of working with Somali troops and Kenyan defense forces [KDF], Garowe Online reports.

Al-Shabab announced the killings on its Andalus radio station on Sunday, saying they were carried out by a firing squad in a public square in Kamsuma, a town in the Lower Jubba region on Saturday afternoon.

The Al-Qaeda-linked group said it killed Muse Hussein, 31, Hussein Mohamed, 20, and Falir Yarow, a 75-year-old man after they were arrested by the militants in separate areas in Somalia and convicted by Al-Shabab court.

Speaking at the site of the killings, the group’s self-proclaimed judge said the elderly man has received training in Kenya’s Kamaga camp and was working with KDF in Hosingow village in Lower Juba region.

Per Al-Shabab, Hussein was a member of the US-trained Bancroft soldiers while Mohamed served as a member of the Jubbaland state army and both were captured outside Wanlawayn town and Barsanguni respectively.

Al-Shabab has been fighting for more than 10 years to oust the UN-backed Somali Government trying to restore peace and stability in the long-chaotic Horn of Africa nation with the help of 22,000 AU soldiers.

Despite losing territory in recent years, the group continues to carry out lethal attacks in many parts of the country, especially Mogadishu and inside Kenya, a country that has contributed troops to AMISOM.