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AMISOM awards 15 police officers over outstanding service in Somalia

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online
MOGADISHU, Somalia - The African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] on Sunday honored 15 police officers serving in its component for "outstanding performance".
Besides the military component, AMISOM also consists of police officers who train their colleagues in the war-torn nation.
The police officers are also tasked to promote law and order in the lawlessness state, which has struggled for three decades due to frequent inter-clan conflicts and Al-Shabaab threat.
Most of the police officers are stationed in major towns particularly Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, which has borne brunt of Al-Shabaab raids.
Top achievers awarded by police boss
Magnus Kailie, the AMISOM Police Commissioner, decorated the officers with pin badges at a short ceremony in Mogadishu, the mission said.
The recognition was introduced by the police boss to motivate individual police officers who showcase exemplary services in their mission.
“We hope this will motivate you to do more,” AIGP Kailie said, adding that the beneficiaries had excelled in their execution of duties.
Sergeant Isha Kanu, one of the recipients from the Sierra Leone Police, said the recognition would encourage her to pursue excellence at work.
“I am encouraged by the recognition, and I promise to perform even better,” said Sergeant Kanu, who is attached to the AMISOM Police Reforms, Restructuring and Development Unit.
Another recipient, Corporal Michael Igumba from Uganda, said it was humbling to be recognized among key players in the Somalia peace process.
“I am happy to contribute to global efforts to restore peace and stability in Somalia,” said Corporal Igumba.
Beneficiaries selected from across Africa
The AMISOM police support training, mentoring and advising Somali Police Force [SPF] as well as stabilizing transition in Somalia.
Police officers will be directly involved in maintaining law and order when Somalia goes for polls in December this year, AMISOM said.
Beneficiaries included police officers from Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Ghana, and Nigeria, working in various AMISOM police departments.
Kailie paid particular tribute to female AMISOM individual police officers who are involved in the vetting of females who want to join the Somali Police Force.
AMISOM' determination in Somalia
Al-Shabaab militants remain the major threat in Somalia, given frequent attacks targeting both security forces and civilians according to the UN.
Since 2010, over 4,000 people have been killed by the militants with most attacks waged at the Somalia capital Mogadishu, a report revealed.
AMISOM has been promoting peace in the region through supporting alternative income generation, especially for Al-Shabaab defectors.
The force has been also offering basic services such as food, medical attention, and education in regions that have been under Al-Shabaab control, UN said.
But the mission has struggled to maneuver between peace keeping and internal politics of Somalia, which has seen it subjected to spot light.
For instance, opposition politicians questioned AMISOM's decision to endorse the Galmadug presidential election, which was marred with delays and withdrawals of candidates.
In the future, AMISOM is training SPF and SNA forces to take over security arrangements in the country, with stability being the most anticipated end result.