China pumps donations to Somalia's flood victims


MOGADISHU, Somalia - The government of the People's Republic of China has pumped donations to several flood victims of Somalia, in the latest assistance from one of world powers, following calls for humanitarian aid in the country. 

On Wednesday, Chinese embassy in Somalia donated relief food, which has been directed to flood victims across the country. Thousands of people living around Rivers Juba and Shabelle have been displaced. 

Fei Shangchao, the Chinese ambassador to Somalia, who handed over relief food to Somalia Disaster Management Agency [SoDMA], said Beijing will continue working closely with Mogadishu to assist flood victims in the country.

China is the first country to provide direct humanitarian assistance to Somalia since the severe floods hit the country. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been asking international community to chip in and assist.

“China has decided to provide 1 million Yuan [about 140000 USD] emergency assistance to Somalia in cash. In addition, more than 1000 tons of emergency food aid will arrive soon to support Somali disaster relief efforts,” he said.

China also called the international community to assist the country, noting that thousands of people have been affected. The ambassador said should actions delay, thousands of people will be affected. 

Floods have killed over 50 people across the country and a similar number in the neighboring Kenya. On Wednesday, Ahmed Islam Mohamed Madobe, the leader of Jubaland, said the state is worst affected and any delay for assistance will be catastrophic.


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