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Division surrounds Somalia President’s visit to Dhusamareb [Report]


DHUSAMAREB, Somalia, April 8, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Amidst deadlock over the central state formation venue, Federal Government of Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has returned to Galgadud regional capital of Dhusamareb on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports.

Traditional leaders and politicians welcomed Mohamud at an airstrip in Dhusamareb where clan elders have been at loggerheads about the town that would host a convention aiming to push local communities in South Mudug and Galgadud into regional autonomy.

Despite brewing storm, presidential sources said, Mohamud will hold talks with traditional leaders on the future of endeavor for central state formation over the course of his stay.

Clans in quandary

Well informed sources tell GO that Sa’ad, Saleeban-Habargidir sub-clans of Hawiye-and politicians with President Hassan at the forefront want that the convention be held in Adado-prompting stiff opposition by Ayr and Marehan.

“The two latter clans asked President Mohamud to compensate for millions already spent on the preparation of conference venue and participants amenities,” a source said on phone while speaking to GO on Wednesday.

“Traditional leaders and politicians of [Sa’ad and Marehan clans] went ballistic over the support gestured by the President in favor of Himan and Heeb local administration,” the source further noted.

No breakthrough

Efforts by Somalia’s Minister for Defence Gen. Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali Diini have yielded no breakthrough after his clan rebuffed to join state formation process on account of likely Adado bid.

Diini who twice paid a visit to Galgadud departed for Mogadishu on Monday without tangible successes in his trip.

Minister for Defence in early March struck a peace deal with the paramilitary group of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamea-a powerful armed wing analysts believe, with its exception may put the state formation process at stake.

Wresting control of strategic Guri’el in deadly battle, Ahlu Sunna refused to withdraw, and bulldozed UN-backed weak central government into ‘agreement with strings attached’.

Influential actors

Up to five politicians have expressed their keenness on fitting into central state presidency, souring opposing interests in Galgadud which shares a border with neighboring Ethiopia.

Sources familiar with the timeline of events in central Somalia confirmed to Garowe Online that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud threw his support behind Abdikarin Hussein Gulled, former Minister for National Security and Damjadid ‘the New blood’ heavyweight.

Meanwhile, former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is said to have started backing his National Intelligence Boss, Ahmed Moallim Fiqi.

Fiqi wrapped up his campaign with public meetings in Galmudug and Galgadud earlier In January in an effort to shore up support for his candidacy.

Galmudug leader Abdi Hassan Awale (Qaybdid) who enjoys no major backing is expected to wield dubious clout.

According to insiders, Somalia ambassador to Ethiopia Ahmed Abdisalan may also appear possible front-runner in any elections to be held in either Adado or Dhusamareb over the next few months. 

It is unclear whether President Mohamud’s visit to Dhusamareb will be dwindling controversy, and deeply embedded division over central state formation convention venue. 


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