Death toll from Somalia inter-clan clashes climbs to 20


KISMAYO, Somalia - The death toll from inter-clan fighting in South Somalia's Middle Juba region under Jubaland state has reached at least 20 with dozens have been wounded, including civilians, Garowe Online reports.

Jubbaland authorities said the battle between two militiamen belonging to Harti and Owrmale erupted in the outskirts of Kismayo city with both sides used heavy and small weapons in the deadly gunfight.

"The fight started after one of the clans launched an attack in revenge for past killings. There was a stiff battle between two militias that left at least 20 people, among them civilians," said an official.

Jubbaland administration said it has tried to intervene in the tribal clashes but all efforts have not succeeded yet as the areas of the battle are remote and under Al-Shabaab control.

Officials in Kismayo and local traditional elders have called for an immediate end to the fighting that caused the death of many people. The situation was still tense in the past three days as both warring sides receiving reinforcements.

Violence between rival communities is common in parts of Somalia, often triggered by quarrels over scarce grazing land and cultural and clan vendetta as the country lacks a strong functioning government since 1991.


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