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Deputy PM faults ‘poor leadership’ on Somalia turmoil


MOGADISHU, Somalia-Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte has faulted administrative drawbacks and injustices perpetrated by those in posts of authority on much of the country’s turmoil, Garowe Online reports. 

Speaking at an event commemorating 56th anniversary of Somali Air Force in Mogadishu, Mr. Arte on Sunday said, it’s unfortunate that he’s observing this great day in a crumpling facility battered by a decade-old conflict in the East African country. 

“I feel sorry that Somali Defence complex and Air Force base are in such a devastating state. I request you to renovate this base and make it different a year on today,” said Arte, after extending hearty congratulations to Armed forces more generally and Air Force personnel in particular on the occasion of 56th anniversary. 

“This country was plunged into destruction by lack of viable justice and poor leadership, and it’s important for us to prevent repeat of this history,” he stressed.  

In attendance were also Ministers for Defence, Justice and Army Generals.  A coalition of armed groups toppled the country’s long-standing military regime in 1991, 

followed by years of lawlessness culminating in piracy and in latest memory extremism.


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