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Djibouti leader slams opposition for insincerity


DJIBOUTI, December 17, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Djibouti President Ismael Omar Guelleh has slammed opposition parties for egocentric agendas over his fresh bid for re-election in 2016 elections, Garowe Online reports.

In an interview with BBC Somali Service, strongman President Guelleh quashed opposition claims of dictatorship, saying he is prepared to continue with arguably one of Africa’s smallest nations.

“If the aim is vacate and I will ascend into, then I will never heed this. I want to save the country from slipping into anarchy,” said Guelleh.

Earlier this month, Djibouti leader announced his re-election bid in upcoming vote in a message posted on You Tube, subsequently drawing the ire of close to a dozen hapless opposition parties.

He has been leading People’s Rally for Progress (RPP) for over a decade.

To his credit, Djibouti has registred unprecedented economic surge under his watch.

Djibouti-- a country of a million people and strategically located at the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden-- hosts military bases for the United States, Japan and France. 


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