Egypt targets Cairo-Mogadishu air route amid blossoming ties


CAIRO - The government of Egypt is keen to kick-start direct flights from Cairo to Mogadishu, officials say, following blossoming ties between the two countries, which are also members of the Arab League of Nations.

Egypt has lately been working with Somalia on several social-economic and security fronts, triggering the latest interests in the aviation sector. On Monday, officials from the Egypt Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) were in Somalia for talks with the government.

Moalim Hassan, the Director of Somalia Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) ushered in his guests at the Aden Adde International Airport, with direct flights from Cairo to Mogadishu featuring in their subsequent discussions.

"We have begun evaluating the feasibility of Egypt Air launching a direct flight from Mogadishu to Cairo. Our next step is to focus on flights to the Middle East, and we are also welcoming European airlines interested in commencing flights from Aden Abdulle International Airport," stated Director General Ahmed Moalim.

Security within Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, has significantly improved save for last week's terror attack which targeted one of the popular hotels in the country. Relatively, security teams have managed to restore order and stability in the country.

Recently, Saudi Airlines also dispatched a delegation to Somalia over the possible activation of the Riyadh-Mogadishu route, which will significantly improve ties between the two countries. Egypt has signed a defense agreement with Somalia as well.

Some of the international airlines already landing in Mogadishu include Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Flydubai, Air Djibouti, Uganda Airlines, and Kenya Airways. The addition of Egypt will play a pivotal role in strengthening relations between the two nations.

Last month, Egypt came out strongly in defense of Somalia following a clandestine deal between Ethiopia and Somaliland. Egypt maintained that it would protect Somalia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty whenever it was called upon for action.


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