FEIT's failure to deliver acceptable elections in Somalia


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia's Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) has released new dates for the Senate elections after unexpected delays which were occasioned by the ongoing pre-election stalemate, which has on several occasions led to ugly exchanges between the Government and opposition candidates. 

Initially, the country was set to go for Upper House elections from December 31 to January 7, according to the schedule issued by FEIT on Dec. 23 but the differences led to unprecedented delays which are yet to be solved despite the latest timetable issued by the commission.

In a new date for the election, the commission set 5-6 January to register candidates and 7-14 to hold the elections. The previous timetable had the election of the Upper House from 31 December to 6 January, but the disputes continue to delay the election.

The government and opposition parties, as well as some Federal states, are locked in a dispute over the electoral body, with many demanding the formation of a new poll body. But despite the new dates, some states are yet to pick regional electoral bodies that are crucial in the said election.

Usually, the regional bodies in conjunction with the regional assemblies hold the Senate polls that are always crucial based on the relationship between the Federal and the regional governments. The Senate determines among others, resource sharing in the country.

For the last four years, the 54-member Senate has represented FMS in the Somali government but the lack of good collaboration with the Lower House in national responsibilities caused a deadlock. 

After the elections, the country will now focus on elections for the members of parliament then the presidential polls. However, it's not clear if the electoral team will be allowed to conduct elections due to the ongoing standoff which has caused struggles among the major stakeholders.


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