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Al Shabaab foreign recruits captured near Somalia-Kenya border


DHOBLEY, Somalia, March 11, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Somali government forces in Lower Jubba region town of Dhobley apprehended four foreign recruits sneaking from Kenya into Al Shabaab camps overnight on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports.

Somali National army commander in the strategic border town, Haybe Ahmed Abdullahi told the media that they captured two Kenyan and two Tanzanian nationals along with two Somalis on their way to Al Shabaab-held areas in Jubaland.

He added that foreign recruits were holding papers identifying their Al Shabaab-controlled destinations.

No names have been released to the media, yet the capture of foreign Jihadists marks the first in recent years.

Kenyan authorities previously cracked down on alleged Al Shabaab indoctrination camps, sending dozens of suspects into custodies.

The restive border between impoverished Somalia and Kenya has been a scene for violent activities, mainly carried out by Al Shabaab.

Kenyan Defence Force (KDF) crossed the border into Somalia in September 2011 to help UN-backed weak central government dislodge militants from strategic Kismayo port city, and dwindle terrorist threats.


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