Hassan Sheikh: This is my plan for Somalia


MOGADISHU (GO) - President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has reiterated his plan to transform the country through close collaboration with stakeholders, who he believes are critical in assisting the country to stabilize following massive economic policies geared towards solving perennial challenges.

In a meeting with scholars, youth and civil society leaders, Hassan Sheikh said the country is on the right track, noting that the government is working hard to solve some of immediate and long-term challenges which the country has traditionally faced.

Youth empowerment and creation of jobs, he added, are immediate challenges which the country is facing and geared towards getting a long-term solution. Somalia's restless youth population has been a major concern for a while.

Besides reduction of poverty, he added, elimination of Al-Shabaab militants remain the immediate task of the government, which has been asking for technical support from other friendly nations as the fight against the group gathers momentum.

The second phase of operations against the Al-Shabaab is set to kick off in Jubaland and Southwest states after delays. The delays were occasioned by the decision to do combing in HirShabelle and Galmadug states where the first phase of operations targeted..

Furthermore, Hassan Sheikh said he is keen in completing the interim constitution, and realizing the republic’s moto ‘Somali in agreement and in agreement with the world’. He also praised the youth for defending their country.

Also, President Mohamud pointed out the advantages youth have in joining the East African Community and wished youth to take the chance significantly. Somalia became the 8th state to join East Africa Community after years of lobbying. .

The federal republic of Somalia anticipates that by the end of December 2024, the Al-Shabaab militants would have been completely eliminated, paving way for massive economic transformation. The government is also banking on ideological approach in the fight against the group.


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