Huge explosion at airstrip in central Somalia


BELEDWEYNE, Somalia-At least four people have been reported killed in an explosion inside an airstrip in central Beledweyne town on Monday, Garowe Online reports.

The wounded includes passengers and Djiboutian peacekeepers according to initial reports.

A bomb embedded in the luggage of would-be suicide bomber is believed to have gone off during a tight security checkk before plane takeoff.

Abdirahman Omar Osman, who became an adviser to Somali President, has tweeted that six people have been killed in the explosion.

No independent sources could verify the nature of the airstrip blast.

In early February, Daalo Airlines plane made emergency landing at Adan Ade international airport after bomb ripped a hole in fuselage in an airborne operation claimed by Somali militant group, Al Shabaab.


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