Somalia: Jubba River floods villages, farmland damaged


KISMAYO, Somalia Oct 21, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Jubba River overflowed banks in Makalagow, Mashaqo, Kabsuma and Maafi agricultural villages in Lower Jubba region of southern Somalia according to residents on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports.

Abukar Mussa, Kabsuma resident said on Mogadishu-based radio station that floods destroyed vast tracts of farmland along Juba River and subsequently forced locals to flee.

“In Maafi, all residents fled to Buulo Maamow village. Severe floods destroyed crops planted three months ago and new plantations,” noted Kabsuma resident.

In Jamame, 440km south of Mogadishu local authorities and residents are also trying to contain life-threatening flooding in nearby villages including Makalagow and Mashaqo.

Fears of imminent floods by Shabelle RIver are said to have gripped residents of Hiraan region town of Beledweyne of central Somalia.

As pastoralists and villagers in south-central regions are recovering from aftermath of famine, torrential rains have affected life.


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