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MPs table impeachment motion against Somalia President


MOGADISHU, Somalia, August 12, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Nearly 100 federal Members of Parliament lodged no confidence motion in Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the country is standing at critical juncture, Garowe Online reports.

On Wednesday evening, a copy of impeachment motion obtained by Garowe Online garnered the support of more than 90 lawmakers in the 275-seat-chamber of parliament.

MPs accused Mohamud of blatant disregard for the Provisional Federal Constitution and pervasive corruption.

“Having seen article 87 [of the Provisional Federal Constitution] which stipulates that the president is the symbol of national unity and the guardian and promoter of the founding principles of the constitution,” backers of the bold challenge said in the document leaked online.

Donor community has propped up Mogadishu-based Federal government with prodigious billions in financial aid over the last three years.

UN monitors divulged widespread corruption at the offices of senior government officials-including the heavily fortified Villa Somalia compound- and violations of fiduciaries.

The often fickle chamber stressed that misappropriation of the country’s meager resources has already affected the pays of security forces battling Islamist insurgents and hundreds living in extreme poverty in war-torn Somalia.

Just in late July, Somalia ruled out the possibility of holding ‘one person, one vote’ elections, a core target in the country’s frame work for action, vision 2016 agenda.

The move drew the irk of politicians who blasted Mohamud’s administration for failures to deliver on promises expressed in fine oratory. 


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