Newborn stolen from Somalia hospital found alive

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - A newborn baby snatched from a hospital in Mogadishu last Friday is alive, well and living — and a woman accused of ‘stealing’ him is in custody, Garowe Online reports.

Police in Hodon district say the two-day-old baby boy has now reunited with his parents on Sunday evening and thanked the public for their collaboration and a tip-off that led them to recover the infant.

According to his grandmother, the baby vanished from his bed in SOS hospital in the capital on 19th April barely 24 hours after he was delivered via Caesarean section by his young mother.

The local authorities wouldn't confirm details about how the baby was found, but they said police received tips from the public after publicizing the case on social media.

It is not known whether there was any previous link between the woman and the baby's family. The case went viral on social media, with millions of Somalis shared the story on the Facebook.

A woman was detained along several other suspects in connection to the case and Police said they will be arraigned in Mogadishu court for charges when the ongoing investigation comes to an end.

Mogadishu residents have shocked at the rare incident involving the stealing of a baby at hospital.



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