PM Barre visits Jubaland as floods wreak havoc in Somalia


KISMAYO, Somalia - Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre traveled to Jubaland on Sunday as floods continued wreaking havoc in the state, following the breaking of banks by River Juba, which drains its water to the Indian Ocean, an important asset for the Horn of Africa nation.

At Kismayo, the regional administrative capital of Jubaland, Barre was welcomed by Ahmed Islam Mohamed Madobe, the leader of the state, who has lately been calling for assistance from the national government after floods swept several people besides destroying property.

The visit, the government notes, is geared towards assessing the impact of the floods as the country counties ask for humanitarian support. The government is also keen to partner with regional administrations to promote cohesion and integration, state media reports.

"Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre arrives in Kismayo, warmly received by Jubaland President Madobe, Senior officials and community leaders," read the statement. "The visit focuses on addressing the humanitarian impact of El-Nino floods, advancing counterterrorism efforts, and strengthening federal-state cooperation."

Accompanying the president was the head of the Disaster Management Agency, Mohamud Moalim, and several MPs from the state. Already, 96 people have been killed across the country due to ongoing floods, which have majorly affected Jubaland and Southwest states.

In his address to the media, Moalim said 28 people were killed after their boat capsized as they fled from the Al-Shabaab militants, who were planning an ambush. The Al-Shabaab militants are said to have taken advantage of the current El Nino phenomenon to antagonize locals.

In Jubaland, particularly Gedo region families have been cut off by floods as emergency responders work round the clock to salvage the situation. Ahmed Madobe called for urgent help early last week while insisting that there is a need for the international community to chip in and assist in averting the situation.


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