Police issue update on Mogadishu Al-shabaab raid


Mogadishu (GO) - Police in Somalia have for the first time issued update on Al-Shabaab attack at SYL Hotel, ending over 18 hours of wait, which were riddled in panic as the country witnessing yet another cowardly attack at the time the Muslims around the world are celebrating Ramadan.

In a press conference, police spokesperson Col. Kasim Ahmed Roble told reporters that 27 wounded, including 18 civilians and 9 soldiers. The wounded individuals were rescued by elite soldiers who surrounded the hotel as they carried out rescue mission.

Tragically, the spokesperson said, 3 soldiers died during the rescue mission which lasted for over 18 hours. Three MPs sustained minor injuries. Attackers have been neutralized; investigation underway, the statement issued by the spokesperson read.

The militant group has been giving constant updates about the attack on Telegram and one if its websites. The attack started at around 9:45pm local time, eyewitnesses said, while recounting scary scenario in the capital, Mogadishu.

At least two separate explosions occurred before the attack, followed by militants who stormed the hotel. The hotel is not very far from the Presidential Palace, where President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud lives, besides using it as an office.

Somalia has been fighting the Al-shabaab militants for the last 18 years, with members of the international community helping the country in various stabilisation missions. The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) is participating in stabilisation mission.

Thursday's attack was the first within the capital in as many months given that enhanced security within the country. The government has declared total war against al-Shabaab, leaving at least 3000 militants killed within the last two years during the first phase of operations.


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