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President Farmajo again pledges timely elections in Somalia

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - President Farmajo has once again promised early elections in Somalia just hours after parliament approved the recently signed pre-election deal, further assuring members of the public commitment to hold timely elections are agreed in the historical meeting that was convened in Villa Somalia.

At Villa Somalia, Farmajo attended a panel discussion hosted by the Raas Institute for Policy studies, highlighting the government's efforts to hold elections that reflect the country's progress and democracy.

He reiterated the commitment to hold elections that are people-oriented, adding that such a move will improve the level of accountability given that people will directly pick their representatives. The one-person-one-vote elections, he noted, would prevent foreign interference, corruption, and political instability.

The Head of State said that his administration had made compromises in the plans to hold polls, adding that the country must pick MPs and the president's income coming months once the tenure for the current administration ends. He called for stability and democratization of Somalia's institutions.

"Compromise strengthens governance and the rule of law and strengthens stability and unity. The compromise I have made on electoral issues is one of purpose. Meanwhile, we plan to begin selecting members of parliament from November this year, so that we can successfully select members of parliament earlier next year," he noted.

President Farmajo answered questions from some of the Somali public who were part of the panel discussion, including the timing of the elections, the role of youth in political change in 2021, and the reasons for its failure. choice of person and voice, achievements, and challenges of reconciliation.

He cited the Banadir issues which have derailed in parliament for a couple of years now, arguing that it's the prerogative of the Senate to make the final decision. Somalia, he added, should focus on restoring peace and tranquility after many years of disorderliness.

"Since I came to power we have empowered the youth, as part of the leadership and governance of the country. The 13 seats in the Benadir region that I have requested and accepted by the House of the People are now before the Speaker of both Houses of Parliament, as it has gone beyond the agreed political process and remains to be done in accordance with the law. ”

On Saturday, parliament endorsed the electoral deal which was signed early this month, further giving the country hope of going for the main polls. Wadajir Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame said his party had accepted the decision made by the bicameral house in approving the deal.

"The Wadajir Party commends Parliament for endorsing the electoral model. The party regrets the leaders of the FGS have lost the Somali ppl the opportunity to participate in the 1P1V election. We call on PM Roble to implement the agreement fairly and transparently and consult stakeholders," he added.