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Somalia: Puntland troops seize Al Shabaab base


BOSSASO, Somalia Oct 1,2014 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Security forces have launched deadly assault on Al Shabaab bases in Galgala area near the difficult terrain of Golis, taking back hideouts from militants on Wednesday morning, Garowe Online reports.

Initial reports disclose that Puntland army troops reached the base after heavy gun battle with Islamist militants.

No casualty figures have been disclosed to the media but GO learned that Puntland Defence Force (PDF) unit commander died in landmine explosion while two soldiers sustained injuries.

Al Shabaab group-that reverted to guerilla tactics-has not commented on the significant victory against their remnants in Galgala.

Addressing reporters at Puntland State House, President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali confirmed that state's forces gained grounds in the battle. 

Al Shabaab fighters intensified terror operations along Garowe-Bossaso highway, killing prominent officials within the government over the last six months.

Intense pressure which has mounted on Puntland President over the growing Al Shabaab threats in the relatively stable region prompted the seizure of militant base.

Following Puntland presidential election in January 2014, Al Shabaab stepped up attacks on vulnerable targets and on August 4 killed Bari region Police commander late Abdirahman Ali Abas in suicide bombing.



BOSSASO, Somalia Oct 1, 2014 (Garowe Online)-
BOSSASO, Somalia Oct 1, 2014 (Garowe Online)-
BOSSASO, Somalia Oct 1, 2014 (Garowe Online)-

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