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Somali, AU troops squeeze Al Shabaab militants out of Bulo Marer


BULO MARER, Somalia August 30, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Somali Government Forces aided by African Union peacekeepers have taken control of strategic town in southern Somalia after heavy battle according to army commanders on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

Gen. Abdirizak Khalif Elmi, armed forces commander-in-chief on the frontline confirmed the seizure of Bulo Marer to state-run station, Radio Mogadishu. Witnesses say the battle lasted for hours as Al Shabaab posed stiff resistance to allied forces onslaught.

Somali government forces alongside African Union troops are heading to Al Shabaab’s last bastion, Barawe coastal town with well-informed sources revealing that Al Shabaab pre-transported broadcast equipments of Radio Andulus and Al Furqaan.

Militants fled Bakool regional district of Tiyeeglow last week, proving vulnerable. Bulo Marer, 120 km south of Mogadishu had since been springboard for Al Qaeda inspired fighters. 


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