Somali Parliament Grapples with Constitutional Finalization Amid Regional Tensions


Mogadishu, Somalia - In a session held on Monday, the Somali Parliament aimed to discuss the finalization of the country's constitution. However, the meeting was overshadowed by deep divisions among Members of Parliament (MPs), particularly concerning the northern regions known as Somaliland.

The absence of Somaliland from the constitutional discussions became a point of contention. Several MPs contended that the constitution could not be debated or finalized without the participation of representatives from Somaliland. Adding to the complexity, there was no consensus among parliamentarians on how to define these northern regions. Some MPs were against explicitly mentioning the name "Somaliland" in the constitution, arguing that there is no universally accepted definition for these areas.

Recent hostilities in the Sool region have further strained relations among MPs, notably those representing the states of Somaliland and Puntland. These clashes have introduced an additional layer of complexity to the already contentious constitutional discussions. MPs from Puntland expressed concern about the absence of President Saeed Deni from the meetings of the National Consultative Council, where the constitution was under review. They argued that this absence effectively excludes Puntland from being consulted on the constitutional matters.

It is noteworthy that President Saeed Deni recently confirmed that Puntland would abstain from discussions regarding the completion of the constitution as long as Somaliland is not involved. The disagreements among MPs indicate broader regional and political tensions that remain unresolved. As the Somali Parliament continues to wrestle with these issues, the finalization of the constitution appears to be an increasingly elusive goal, underscoring the complexities of governance in a nation marked by regional disparities and ongoing conflict.


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