Somalia: Al Shabaab militants kill over a dozen in Mogadishu attack


MOGADISHU, Somalia, April 14, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Gunmen from Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group have launched deadly assault on the headquarters of Somalia's higher education ministry,taking civil servants hostage on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports. 

Police sources initially said that four attackers mounted broad day light assault..

The attack started after a suicide car bomber in explosives-laden vehicle blew himself up at entrance to the ministry, followed by gunmen who walked past the gate.

Spokesman for the government said that 17 people-of whom 8 are civilians,two are soldiers and seven are Al Shabaab militants- were killed and 15 others were wounded.

Somalia's special security forces sealed off the surrounding areas which are a home to other key government installations, and subsequently ended the siege at the ministry.

Al-Shabab immediately claimed responsibility for the attack on pro-militants station, Andulus radio.

The latest attack comes few days after Al-Shabab staged a similar dead siege at a Kenyan university, killing at least 147 people, mostly students.

The group which vowed deadly attacks against Somalia government and African Union forces in Somalia have more recently taken their attacks beyond Somalia as Kenya experienced deadly rampage by the group. 


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