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Somalia: Abdulqadir Osoble elected Federal MP in Hirshabelle election


Jowhar, Somalia- Presidential candidate and outgoing Federal MP Abdulqadir Osoble Ali, was elected as a lawmaker in the Lower House elections in Jowhar town, the interim capital of the newly established Hirshabelle state, Garowe Online reports.

Osoble retained his lower House seat after defeating his rival contender, Mohiyadin Hasan Jurus, in majority 34 votes, according to the poll results.

Jurus is the Head of Land Taxation Department in the Ministry of Finance, and his campaign was supported by the caretaker President Hasan Shaikh Mahmoud.

Sources tell GO that both contenders who hails from the same sub-clan, have paid colossal amounts (bribes), close to $1 Million to secure the parliamentary seat.

Osoble who was a presidential candidate in the 2012 election, has announced early his campaign for the Presidency in the forthcoming election.

On the other hand, caretaker President Mahmoud, who is seeking second term in office, sees Osoble’s campaign a threat to his re-election bid, as so far 3 candidates who he share with clan association have announced their presidential bid.

The ongoing electoral process in Somalia’s regional administrations to select MPs for the Upper and Lower Houses is considered to be the most corrupted process with reports of widespread corruption and bribery, amid public concern of another rigged presidential election.


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