Somalia: Al Shabaab gets new Chief


BARAWE, Somalia Sept 6, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Somalia’s Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab Group for the first time confirmed the death of notorious Chief Ahmed Abdi Godane by in turn naming Ahmed Omar Abu Ubayda as the new leader, Garowe Online reports.

According to a brief story posted on pro-Al Shabaab news site, Godane was killed in US airstrike near most-militant-friendly coastal town of Barawe, marking the first announcement being made since Pentagon revealed symbolic and operational loss to Al Qaeda’s largest franchise in Africa.

Somali army troops alongside African Union forces reversed Al Shabaab territorial gains, with militants moving deeper into rural areas.

Internal power struggle and bitter dissension are likely to ravage beleaguered Al Shabaab, analysts unveiled.

The newly appointed head Abu Ubayda served as Al Shabaab rerpresentative to Bay and Bakool regions of southwestern Somalia. Very few areas acquiesced to Al Shabaab’s austere rule are now on the verge of allied forces’ seizure. 


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