Somalia: Air Strikes leave scores of militants dead


MARKA, Somalia Feb 1, 2015 (Garowe Online)—Amidst sporadic ground offensives,  scores of Al Shabaab militants were killed in air strikes in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia on Saturday afternoon according to officials, Garowe Online reports.

Lower Shabelle governor Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur (Siidi) unveiled that strikes made against several positions dealt severe blow to Islamist insurgents: "At least three missiles hit military camp, a building housing foreign Jihadists and fighting vehicle separately," said the government official on BBC Somali Service.
He further noted that 45 to 60 Al Shabaab fighters were killed in the rare aerial attack.
The air strikes carried out by the US targeted the village of Dugule, Nur disclosed.
The militants in the camp are said to have been concluded a training course.
Al Shabaab didn't comment on the airstrike but it comes at a time when they are losing grounds against allied forces in Indian Ocean Operation.

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