Somalia: Al Shabaab ambushes allied Somali forces near Kismayo


KISMAYO, Somalia- Al Shabaab fighters were reported to have carried out an ambush attack on a military convoy outside the southern port city of Kismayo, Garowe Online reports.

Sources told GO that Dozens of armed militants have attacked a convoy carrying AMISOM and Somali government troops, along with U.S. military personnel near Gulu-Gaduud,  a remote area , 35 km north of Kismayo.

The attack led to hours-long fierce battle between Al Shabaab militants and the allied troops and the number of casualties is yet unclear.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the assault, through their affiliated media outlets, saying they have killed several soldiers and destroyed military vehicles.

On the other hand, AMISOM and Somali National army (SNA) officials have yet to release statement on the incident.

U.S. military has carried out several airstrikes in Bulu-Gaduud area, in southern Somalia and killed a number of Al Shabaab members, including Mohamed Kuno who was responsible for Garissa University attack.

The main road connecting Kismayo to the northern rebel-held areas is often the sight of Al Shabaab ambushes against Somali government troops backed by AU forces.


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