Somalia: Al Shabaab attacks AMISOM base in Leego, Elder killed in Bulo Adey village


LEEGO, Somalia- Al Shabaab fighters were reported to have fired mortar shells on a military base belonging to the Burundian contingent serving with the African Union peacekeeping troops (AMISOM) in Leego district in Middle Shabelle region, in  Wednesday night, Garowe Online reports.

Residents said about 10 mortars landed inside the AMISOM base, but it was not immediately clear whether anyone had been killed or wounded in the attack.

However, AMISOM officials haven’t released any statement in regard to the attacks carried out on its outpost in Southern Somalia.

In June 2015, Al Shabaab militants have carried out similar raid against AMISOM base in Southern Somalia that led to the death of many soldiers of the Burundian contingent.

In a separate attack, reports said a prominent elder was shot dead in Bulo Adey village in km-50 area in Lower Shabelle region by unknown armed men.

The elder identified as Nur Hussein Abukar and was gunned down at his farm by assailants armed with pistols, who fled the scene shortly after the crime, according to sources.

Lower Shabelle region has witnessed in the past years frequent clashes between clans due to disputes over power sharing in the region, however, such assassinations of elders and officials in the region were attributed to clan revenge.


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