​Somalia: Al Shabaab attacks Berdere airstrip housing AMISOM base


BARDERE, Somalia- Al Shabaab insurgents were reported to have attacked the main airstrip of Bardere town in Gedo region, which also houses a military base belonging to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces, Garowe Online reports.

A reporter confirmed the attack to GO , saying Al Shabaab fighters used rocket propelled grenades and machine guns to assault Ethiopian troops serving with AMISOM contingent stationed in the airstrip.

"Heavily armed fighters from the Al Shabaab group launched a coordinated dawn assault on the town's airstrip and attacked the military base manned by Ethiopian forces," he added.

The assault started with mortar shelling, and then heavy gunfire was heard as Al Shabaab fighters attempted to storm into AMISOM base. He said the militants were repulsed during the gunfight.

The sound of gunfire woke up residents in the town early Thursday morning as militants clad in army uniforms attacked AMISOM base and airstrip complex, killing several people, he said.

 Al Shabaab has claimed killing several AU soldiers in the AMISOM base attack according to the group's affiliated media. However, AMISOM is yet to release a statement concerning the attack in Bardere town.

Despite being pushed out of key towns in Gedo region in 2014, Al shabaab militants still control the rural areas on the outskirts of Bardere town, where they orchestrate hit and run attacks against Somali and AU troops.


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