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Somalia: Al Shabaab denies that NISA captured suspect behind port bombing


MOGADISHU, Somalia- Al Shabaab militant group has dismissed claims of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) that it had captured the suspect responsible for the deadly truck blast near Mogadishu seaport in December 11, Garowe Online reports.

Yesterday, NISA displayed in its Twitter account the picture and the name of the truck’s driver believed to be responsible for the attack, identified as Mohamed Ibrahim Hasan.

However, Al Shabaab said the suicide bomber was killed in the blast and released a recorded voice interview of him before the attack, posted on the group's affiliated media outlet. The group also disclosed the name of the suicide bomber, Khalid Husain Mohamed aka “Garad”, who they claimed he hailed from Puntland region.

Earlier, NISA has stated that Hasan was responsible for driving the explosive-laden truck from Janale district to Mogadishu with the aim to carry out terrorist attack in the capital.

But claims couldn’t be independently verified as both reports contradicted.

The deadly blast near the gate of Mogadishu port has resulted in the death of over 20 people and wounding dozens more, as port staffs were queuing to enter the facility during the early hours of work.

Al Qaida-linked Al Shabaab group has increased lately attacks in Mogadishu city, against security forces, government officials and allied AMISOM forces in a bid to topple western-backed weak Somali government.


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