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Somalia: Al Shabaab kidnaps three doctors in Gedo


GARBAHAARAY, Somalia Nov 8, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Al Shabaab gunmen Friday kidnapped three doctors and two drivers in Gedo region of southwestern Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

The Mayor of Gedo regional capital of Garbahaaray Iman Addow Karshe told the media that armed militants abducted the doctors enroute from Mandera town of northeastern Kenya: “The doctors were kidnapped near As Asey village which lies a few kilometers from Beledhawo. The reasons behind their kidnap is unclear but we do believe that Al Shabaab group are holding them”.

Unconfirmed reports disclose that the five kidnapped Somali nationals are being held in Gadon Dhowe which is situated between Beledhawo and El Waq.

The medical practitioners participated in a workshop on health in Kenya before being kidnapped.

Al Shabaab fighters have been losing ground against allied forces in central and southern Somalia.


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