Somalia: Al Shabaab launches separate attacks in Southern Somalia


BARIRE, Somalia- The Al Qaeda-affiliated Islamist militant group Al shabaab has carried separate attacks in Lower Shabelle province in southern Somalia on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports.

The Al shabaab fighters have fired mortars on Somali troops' base in Balli-Doogle area, where U.S. military experts are reportedly train Somali army cadets.

In separate incident, heavy fighting between militants and Somali government troops broke out near KM-50 area on Wednesday, after Al shabaab staged ambush on Somali National Army (SNA) base.

There was no immediate indication of Somali army personnel deaths or injuries as a result of Wednesday's Al Shabaab attacks in Lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia.

The volatile region has been beset by insecurity, series of Al Shabaab attacks in government controlled areas and recurrent clan battles over the past few years.

Despite being defeated militarily, the militant group has recaptured several towns in central and southern Somalia in the past weeks, from the African Union peacekeeping troops (AMISOM) following their withdrawal from their outpost.


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