Somalia: Al-Shabaab militants cut off hands of men accused stealing


TIYEGLOW, Somalia- Al-Shabaab militants have amputated the right hands of two men convicted of theft in Tiyeglow, a rebel-held area in Somalia's southwestern Bakol region on Thursday, Garowe Online reports. 

The men, Aden Mohamed Nur, 42, and Isack Aden Hassan, 23, admitted at a trial to stealing money from a shop and a judge ordered the right hands of both to be chopped off, according to al-Shabaab judge.

"The two had both their right hands cut on Thursday at a square in Tiyeglow district, after admitting to stealing $545 from a shop," said a resident, who spoke to GO over the phone on condition of anonymity. 

Hundreds of residents, including women and children have gathered to watch executing the punishment, which was carried out by two masked fighters of al-Shabaab, the resident added. 

In areas under their control, the al-Qaida-affiliated al-Shabaab fighters have carried out executions, floggings and amputations after summary trials in cases ranging from espionage to robbery. 

Al-Shabaab has been fighting for almost eight years to drive out the African Union peacekeeping forces (AMISOM), and topple the UN-backed Federal government of Somalia based in Mogadishu. 


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