Somalia: Al Shabaab militants seize areas near Baidoa


BAIDOA, Somalia-Dozens of Al Shabaab militants have poured into strategic areas near southwestern Baidoa town according to residents. 

Militants Monday seized Gofgadud Shabelow, 30km west of Baidoa right away after Somali government forces and African Union peacekeepers withdrew, Somalia’s Jowhar media has reported.  

Allied troops retreated to their bases on the outskirts of Baidoa, a day after Somali political leaders concluded National Leadership Forum (NLF) in the town. 

No clashes have been reported as militants moved in without resistance, sources added.  

Al Shabaab took back towns and villages in a similar peaceful strategy in the past.  

Officials have not spoken on the reasons behind the relocation of troops from Gofgadud which serves as a key connection between Qansah-Dhere, Ufurow and Diinsoor.


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