Somalia: Al Shabaab seizes army base in southern Somalia


JAZEERA, Somalia- Al Shabab militants have briefly captured an army base in southern Somalia on Saturday, the latest of sporadic attacks the group has carried out in recent weeks, Garowe Online reports.

Local resident told GO over the phone that armed militants attacked and took control of Jazeera army base in Lower Shabelle region, about 8 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu city.

He said Somali soldiers subsequently managed to recapture the base from the Al Qaida-affiliated Al Shabaab militants after a fierce fighting which has left at least four people from both sides dead, while several wounded.

The group's local media outlet reported that Al Shabaab used “light and heavy weapons” to attack the base in the coastal town of Jazeera near Mogadishu and seized several battle wagons in the process.

Also on Saturday, Al Shabaab was reported to attack Somali troops in Shalanbod town near Marka town, and inflicted heavy losses on the soldiers during the gunfight which lasted for several minutes in the morning.

Somali military has not released a statement regarding the attacks by the group on Saturday.

The terror group has stepped up attacks in the Somali capital of Mogadishu and other parts of the country since the end of last year, despite being driven out of major towns in south and central Somalia by Somali army and AMISOM forces.


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