Somalia: Allied forces recapture town from militants


ADAN YABAL, Somalia-Somali government forces backed by African Union troops took back Middle Shabelle regional district of Adan Yabal from militants as the country prepares for elections later this year, Garowe Online reports. 

Militants fled ahead of anticipated onslaught according to security sources and residents.  

The town exchanged hands several times, with Al Shabaab fighters driven out of Adan Yabal in April. 

The militants re-squeezed, and had since been in control.  The situation remains precarious, and residents left for fear of possible militants attack. Meanwhile in Bulo Burte, Somali government forces killed undisclosed number of Al Shabaabfighters in surprise assault.  

Bulo Burte District Commissioner Abdiasis Durow Abdi said, a group of troublesome militants who was collecting Zakawat had been neutralized. 

Al Shabaab suffered heavy losses over the last few weeks as allied forces continue to tighten their noose on remaining strongholds.  

In a separate development, U.S. announced it unleashed aerial raid on Al Shabaab hideouts in the town of Afgooye.


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