Somalia: Allied forces take control of Barawe coastal town


GAROWE, Somalia Oct 5,2014 (Garowe Online)-Somali government forces aided by African Union peacekeepers drove into the major Al Shabaab hotbed of Barawe in pick-up trucks and battle tanks as militants continue to lose ground on Sunday morning, Garowe Online reports. 

Lower Shabelle Governor Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur Siidi told the media that military formed bases in the outskirts of the coastal town. 
Local reports say, security forces right away pushed ahead with door-to-door search operation. 

Though Al Shabaab fled the economic-powerhouse two days ago, allied forces were not quick to move in. 

Barawe seizure deals severe setback to Al Qaeda's largest franchise in Africa, Al Shabaab. 

Joint military campaign has been seeing string of strongholds in southern and central Somalia since March this year. 

Al Shabaab's unrelenting rule is dwindling, with Somali army along with African Union troops making advance on the frontline. 

US air strike claimed at killed militants Chief Ahmed Abdi Godane in early September near Barawe. Ever since, Al Shabaab fighters opted for unprecedented pull-outs. 


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