Somalia and Turkey Sign Maritime Security Agreement: Details Unveiled


MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Council of Ministers in Somalia has officially ratified a Maritime Security Agreement with Turkey, aimed at bolstering the security and protection of Somali waters for a period of ten years. The agreement, deemed critical for both nations, grants Turkey comprehensive authority over the management and defense of Somalia’s waters, considering Somalia’s need for a dependable ally to safeguard its sovereignty and maritime domains.

During the Council of Ministers’ meeting in Somalia, it was confirmed that this agreement represents a significant step towards strengthening the relationship and cooperation between Somalia and Turkey, especially in the areas of maritime security and combating any threats to Somali waters. The agreement stipulates that Turkey will receive 30% of the revenue from the economic zone known for its abundant marine resources.

Furthermore, the agreement emphasizes the fight against illegal fishing in Somali waters, with Turkey committed to building and equipping the Somali Navy to take on this responsibility. This move is part of Somalia’s efforts to assert its economic and political independence, with the support of its international partners.

The implementation of this agreement is set to commence within 24 hours of its signing, entrusting Turkey with the responsibility of protecting and defending Somali waters. Should any infringement occur, Turkish forces are prepared to defend Somali waters as vigorously as they would their own.

This agreement comes at a time of heightened tension between the Federal Government of Somalia and Ethiopia, following a provisional agreement between the self-declared independent region of Somaliland and Ethiopia, which the Federal Government of Somalia has rejected, viewing it as an attempt by Ethiopia to divide Somalia.


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