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Somalia: Caretaker President opens first senate session in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU, Somalia- The caretaker President Hasan Shaikh Mahmoud has officially opened the senate session on Thursday for the newly inaugurated Upper House chamber of Federal Parliament, Garowe online reports.

However, the session has commenced in the capital Mogadishu despite that senators hailing from Somaliland community haven’t elected yet due to recurrent delays to the process.

Caretaker President Mahmoud along with Turkish Ambassador to Somalia and interim Senate Speaker have cut the ribbon of the provisional Senate headquarters located in Shibis district in Mogadishu.

The building previously was built by Italy, but reported to be reconstructed and fully equipped by Turkey to be a modernized education institution in Somalia.

Today marked the first session of Upper House chamber since the sworn-in event that took place on December 27 in the capital.

Speaking to the senate, the interim Speaker of Upper House chamber, Mohamed Husain Rage, has expressed gratitude to caretaker President and Turkish Ambassador for taking part in the event and further commended Turkey’s role to support and develop the country.

On his side, Turkish Ambassador has congratulated the newly elected Senators and ensured Turkey’s continuous assistance, as it still implementing further projects in Somalia.      

Moreover, caretaker President has also praised Turkey for their support and noted the building will be used as temporary headquarters for the senate, as the construction of the new Parliament building will commence soon.

Somalia is preparing to hold elections of new Speakers Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament and new Somali president in secret ballots in January 2017. 


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