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Somalia: Clans dissatisfied with Jubaland MPs selection-Elder


KISMAYO, Somalia, April 15, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Following the announcement of 75-seat-chamber of parliament by Jubaland administration in southern Somalia, some clans said they are dissatisfied with the process, alleging manipulation, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking on Puntland-based independent station, Radio Garowe, titled Harti clans elder Ahmed Sirad Hussein Boqow indicated that the process lacked even distribution of quotas and equal participation.  

Federal MP, Mohamud Ali Magan disclosed that Gedo clans will gather for reconciliation conference in reaction at the formation of Interim Jubba administration parliament in Kismayo.

Gedo heavyweight Ugas Mohamed Ugas Hashi earlier last week walked out of Kismayo gathering.

Ugas Hashi reportedly lodged complaint with UN envoy to Somalia Ambassador Nicholas Kay.

It is yet unclear whether Jubaland President Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) will raise the controversy besetting the parliamentary selection process with local elders.  

As a result of intense bilateral talks in Addis Ababa, Jubaland gained official recognition from Mogadishu-based Federal Government.

Convention delegates picked Madobe for Jubaland presidency on May 15, 2013 in landmark victory.

With the existent duration of two years and half fading, the new MPs are set to elect permanent leadership. 


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