Somalia: Consultative gathering facing challenge after order by Puntland VP


GAROWE, Somalia, May 3, 2015 (Garowe Online)-A gathering labeled ‘ Puntland Consultative Conference’ by President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali is facing challenge after an order by Vice President Abdihakin Abdullahi Haji Omar, Garowe Online reports.

Called by President Ali in early 2014, the conference which would bring together clan elders and civil society is set to be hosted by Puntland Development Research Center (PDRC) under the financial support of INTERPEACE on May 15, 2015 according to Saed Farah Yare, a spokesman for a joint committee.

The committee comprises of three ministers, three MPs, representatives from INTERPEACE, and technocrats, and had been working on the selection of delegates over the last few days.

Garowe Online News Agency was unable to obtain the agendas of the consultative conference in advance; nevertheless sources familiar with the latest developments tell that Democratization process, challenges and achievements since Puntland inception in 1998, and question-and-answer sessions will take center stage.

Meanwhile, GO has learned that order to shift away the venue of the gathering from Garowe has put ongoing efforts by organizers at stake.

A letter bearing the signature of Vice President Amey, and leaked to GO read: “Having held consultations with organizers, Puntland Vice President decided to shift venue of consultative conference to Galkayo”.

Well informed sources tell GO that Puntland Vice President issued the order on April 25, 2015 when Ali was touring neighboring Ethiopia on account of recommendations from two members within the joint committee.

Another source said on condition of anonymity that the decision by Puntland Vice President has surprised organizers.

Amid security and political concerns, it is yet unclear whether INTERPEACE and its partners will abide by the new move. 


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