Somalia: Critically wounded victims of Mogadishu attack to be airlifted-Minister


MOGADISHU, Somalia- Somalia's Federal Government (SFG) pledged to provide medical treatment to the victims of the suicide bombing that targeted SYL hotel yesterday, Garowe online reports. 

Health Minister Mohamed Haji Abdi Nur, said during a press conference , critically injured victims will be taken abroad for further treatment. The minister didn't specify the country where the victims will be airlifted to. 

"We thank all doctors and health workers for their great effort in helping victims of the blast during this critical time," the minister said. "The Ministry will make efforts to provide the necessary care for all those affected by terrorist attacks carried out by Al Shabab terror group."

Somali Federal Government on various occasions pledged to assist victims of Al Shabab terror attacks but the promise has not been kept.


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