Somalia decries bombing hospitals and schools in Gaza as crimes against humanity


MOGADISHU - Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has criticized ongoing operations by Israelis in the Gaza Strip, calling for immediate ceasefire after thousands of people were reported dead and several others seriously injured in the process.

Israel has been targeting innocent civilians and members of Hamas in the region, following the October 7th onslaught by the Palestinian military wing. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has insisted that the operation won't stop any soon.

At Saudi Arabia, Hassan Sheikh said the operation against residents of Gaza was against international standards, adding that there is a need for the world to chip in and call for order in the region. He lamented violence inflicted on innocent children and women.

"What is happening in Gaza contradicts all norms, laws, and human values, and threatens the security of the region. Today our people are watching us and are expecting us to stop the killing of the Palestinian children." - H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at the Joint Arab and Islamic Summit.

Over 10000 people have been killed, with Israelis also claiming to have lost over 2000 people, who have been victims of rockets from the Gaza Strip. Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, called for an immediate ceasefire in the region but this is yet to be honoured.

Before this, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud underscored the historic Somalia-Saudi relationship. He commended Saudi Arabia's economic transformation and Somalia's commitment to economic reform and anti-terrorism efforts.

"Somalia is open for business' President Hassan Sheikh emphasizes. With a strategic location, untapped resources, and a vibrant, entrepreneurial youth, Somalia is poised for significant economic growth," he said.


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