Somalia: Differences threaten leaders Forum in Mogadishu

By Staff Reporter , Garowe Online
Differences emerge as Somali leaders' forum in Mogadishu closes to the conclusion.

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Differences emerge as the leaders of the country's Federal member states and the central government are meeting in Mogadishu for the 2nd consecutive day, Garowe Online reports.

GO learned that the leaders are at loggerheads over the sort of the final draft. The technical committee of the regional states wanted to be called an agreement, while the government pushes for a communiqué.

The political crises in Southwest dominated Wednesday's meeting, with reports that the committee representing the state has called on Somali Federal Government to hands-off the rift the region.

The Internally-backed government has been blamed for supporting one of the sides in the wrangle, in a bid to oust the current Southwest State President Sharif Hassan as the talks close in on the conclusion.

The Federal State's team with the support of the other regional administrations said the central government has sent politicians hailing from Southwest to Baidoa on a mission to create political turmoil.

In the previous preliminary meeting held at Villa Somalia, the Presidential Palace before the conference has formally opened, the sides agreed to stop the reckless politics based on getting rid of “One Another”.

Before the forum began, President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and his PM, Hassan Ali Khaire promised to summon the spoilers they sent to Baidoa and Adado cities.

The talks are expected to be wrapped up on Thursday, November 2 despite reports that it could continue until next Saturday due to the current standoff over the type of the final decision, deal or communiqué.

The Federal Government wants the outcome to focus on security while the regional leaders are seeking an agreement on the issues related to the current political row.