Somalia: Djibouti to increase peacekeeping Force


MOGADISHU, Somalia Jan 10, 2015 (Garowe Online)- Djiboutian government has announced that it will send additional peacekeeping force into Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

Addressing reporters in Mogadishu, Djibouti’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Mohamed Ali Yusuf revealed that his country would make the deployment to stand by Somalia in its quest for peace.

Yusuf added that the some 1000 peacekeepers would be drawn from police and military.

Djibouti is part of 22,000-strong peacekeeping mission in Somalia which is fending off terrorist threats in Central and Southern Somalia.

Al Shabaab militants lost a string of strategic towns in intense military campaign by Somali government forces and African Union peacekeepers.

IGAD Foreign Affairs Ministers are in Mogadishu to review the progress being made over the last few years in the stabilization operations.


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